The Peripheral Nerve Society was founded in 1994, having evolved from two groups of academic investigators interested in understanding the basic biology and function of the peripheral nervous system – the nature of nerve injury and repair. These groups met periodically in closed meetings to discuss advances in this understanding and how this knowledge might be applied to care for patients with genetic, traumatic, toxic, or metabolic nerve disease.

The interests of our members encompass all aspects of the peripheral nervous system, both clinical and scientific, and range from electrophysiologic tools for diagnosis to molecular mechanisms of disease and nerve fiber regeneration. The Society is incorporated, and open to general membership by any professional interested in the peripheral nervous system and its diseases.


The Peripheral Nerve Society is an international non-profit organization of scientists, physicians, and other healthcare providers working together to investigate and treat diseases of the peripheral nervous system.


To improve the lives of people with peripheral neuropathies.


We support basic and clinical research, education, and standards of care in cooperation with patients and those developing treatments.

PNS Bylaws

Adopted August 2023

Diversity Statement

The Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) is committed to diversity in its membership, officers, staff, contractors and executive committee. Diversity is an inclusive concept encompassing gender, gender identity, race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age and disability.

The PNS is a richer and more effective organization because of diversity, as it increases our Societies strengths, capabilities, and adaptability. Through increased diversity, our Society can more effectively address members and societal needs with the varied perspectives, experiences, knowledge, information and understanding inherent in a diverse relationship.

Approved by the PNS Board of Directors 18 November 2020.

PNS Strategic Plan

Adopted January 2021

PNS Past Presidents

(1984 -Present)

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Peter James Dyck, MD (1984-1994)
P.K. Thomas, MD (1994-1997)
John W. Griffin, MD (1997-1999)
Gérard Saïd, MD, FRCP (1999-2001)
Susan M. Hall, PhD (2001-2003)
Anthony J. Windebank, MD (2003-2005)
Richard A.C. Hughes, MD, FRCP, DMedSci (2005-2007)
Eva L. Feldman, MD, PhD (2007-2009)
Douglas W. Zochodne, MD, FRCPC (2009-2011)
Eduardo Nobile-Orazio, MD, PhD (2011-2013)
Michael E. Shy, MD (2013-2015)
Mary M. Reilly, MD (2015-2017)
Steven S. Scherer, MD, PhD (2017-2019)
Pieter A. van Doorn, MD, PhD (2019-2021)
Richard A. Lewis, MD (2021-2023)
Laura Feltri, MD (2023)

PNS Organizational Chart

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PNS Annual Report

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