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Call for Social Media Ambassador – Extended Deadline: 19 April

Jan 30, 2024 | Archive

Application Deadline has been extended: 19 April 2024 

The PNS is currently accepting applications for our PNS Social Media Ambassador position. With a strategic focus on enhancing PNS online presence and fostering community engagement, the PNS is seeking a current Junior Member to join the team.

This position is responsible for:

  • Curating engaging content for the PNS’ social media platforms (Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn)
  • Initiating and moderating discussions on X to foster community engagement
  • Collaborating with the Communications & Website Committee to gather input on upcoming posts, in addition to working closely with the Junior Committee and Executive Office Staff
  • Participating in Communications & Website Committee quarterly meetings
  • Coordinating with and reporting to the Chair of the PNS Communications & Website Committee

This selected candidate will receive a USD $2,500 annual stipend for their work on social media done on behalf of the PNS. The term is for two years, commencing June 2024 and ending June 2026.

Applications are now being accepted until 19 April 2024. Please submit your CV to the PNS Executive Office at info@PNSociety.com.

If you have any questions, please contact info@PNSociety.com.

We would to also extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Robert Prior for his dedication and efforts during his time as Social Media Ambassador since 2022. Thank you, Dr. Prior, for your work in expanding our PNS online community.