Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a PNS member?

Membership in the Peripheral Nerve Society is open to any professional with interest in disorders of the peripheral nervous system. Our membership includes clinicians, academicians, basic and clinical scientists, members of industry and representatives from neuropathy organizations.

Complete a membership application form and join today! Visit our member page for details on member benefits, pricing and the application form.

What type of membership should I apply for?

The PNS has 5 membership categories. Apply for the membership type that best describes your position or current status. You may update your membership type at any time by contacting the Executive Office (info@PNSociety.com).

Active Member: Those with an academic or clinical position of three years or more.

Junior Member: Those that have held an academic or clinical position for three years or less. This membership tier also includes residents, fellows, trainees, and students.

Industry Member: All members of industry.

Patient Advocacy Group Member: All Patient Advocacy Group employees. 

Senior Member: Active Members (academic or clinical position) who have retired.

For full details, visit the membership page. If you have questions, please contact info@PNSociety.com.

What is the cost of membership in the PNS?

The cost of membership is different for each type of membership. For membership types and associated pricing, please visit the membership page

When are membership fees due?

Membership dues payment run on an annual basis from 1 January through 31 December. The PNS starts collecting next year’s dues in the month of November, however members can make dues payments at any time. 

Are their discounts for members from lower income counties?

Yes! The PNS offers the ‘World Bank Discount’ to members from countries with low and middle income economies (GNI per capita of $13,845 or less). Read more about discounts on the membership page.

What are Special Interest Groups and how do I become a member?

Due to the peripheral nerve system having vast specialties under its domain, the Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) allows special interest groups (SIGS) to form as a consortium under the Society. Each SIG is considered a standing committee of the PNS. To join a SIG, you must first join the PNS. There is no additional charge to join a SIG. On the PNS online application form you may select the special interest group(s) you wish to join. If you are already a PNS member, you may log in to your membership profile to update your SIGs. Learn more on the Special Interest Group page.

When does PNS Annual Meeting registration open?

Meeting registration opens in early January. Registration rates are set in alignment with approval of the next year’s operating budget. Click here for more information on the upcoming PNS Annual Meeting.

When are sponsorship & exhibit opportunities available for the PNS Annual Meeting?

The prospectus is released on 1 September. Click here for more information on the upcoming PNS Annual Meeting.

Can I attend the Annual Meeting if I am not a member of the PNS?

Yes! The meeting is open to both members and non-members. However, members receive a discounted meeting registration. Click here for more information on the upcoming PNS Annual Meeting.

Are there discounted Annual Meeting rates for members?

Yes! One of the benefits of membership is discounted meeting rates. Rates vary depending on membership type, so please refer to the Annual Meetings Page for details once registration is open in early January.

How do I follow the PNS on social media?

Click on the links to follow the PNS on:


How do I become involved in a committee?

A call for volunteers is sent to all active members each Spring, inviting new members to apply. New committee member terms commence in the Fall.