Past Meetings

Past PNS Annual Meeting Programs

(2017 – Present)

In 1994, the Peripheral Nerve Society was founded with the inaugural PNS Meeting held in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Initially, the PNS meeting was held bi-annually with special interest group meetings taking place in the off year. In 2017, it became an Annual Meeting, with special interest group meetings incorporated into the programming. It has quickly established the reputation of being the largest peripheral nerve meeting in the world.

Past Meeting Programs

Click on the image below to download individual past meeting programs.

Past Meetings of the PNS

2023 Copenhagen, Denmark
2022 Miami, FL, USA
2021 Virtual
Genoa Italy
Baltimore, MD, USA
Stiges, Spain
Quebec City, Canada
2013 Saint-Malo, France
2011 Potomac, Maryland, USA
2009 Würzburg, Germany
2007 Snowbird, Utah, USA
2005 Tuscany, Italy
2003 Banff, Canada
2001 Tyrol, Austria
1999 La Jolla, California, USA
1997 Cambridge, UK
1995 Antalya, Turkey
1994 Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Past Meetings of the PNSG

1993 Boppard, Germany
1991 Arden House, New York, USA
1989 Padua, Italy
1987 Lake Couchichinh, Ontario, Canada
1985 Mürren, Switzerland
1983 Fontevraud, France
1981 Shakertown, Kentucky
1979 Wye College, Kent, UK
1977 Airlie House, Virginia, USA
1975 Rochester, Minnesota, USA
1974 Carville, Louisiana, USA

Past Meetings of the PNAA and PNA

1984 Keystone, Colorado, USA
1985 Keystone, Colorado, USA
1986 Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA
1988 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
1989 Maui, Hawaii, USA
1990 Oxford, UK
1992 Rapallo, Italy