Nerve Connect

Vol. 4, July 2022

President’s Message, Vol. 4, July 2022

Jun 28, 2022 | Nerve Connect

Dear Colleagues,

After three long years apart, we finally came back together in Miami last month to celebrate the return of in-person meetings.  It was a great success with 574 people attending in-person, and an additional 277 people attending virtually, for a grand total of 851 registrants.  Aligning with our mission, we continue to reach new members and broaden our visibility around the globe.

If you were not able to attend the meeting last month, we invite you register online to visit the e-poster hall gallery and view select recordings on-demand (through 31 December).

We want to thank the Scientific Program Committee for their help planning an exceptional educational program.  Several enhancements were made to the Scientific Program this year, including guided poster hall tours on a variety of transversal topics and a new basic science highlights session. A special thank you to the Scientific Program Committee Chairs, Drs. Wendy Campana & Simon Rinaldi who led this effort and did an outstanding job preparing for the meeting.

We also want to thank the PNS Junior Committee, led by Dr. Kathryn R. Moss for their help organizing a superb Saturday Education Course (inclusive of a new Keynote Symposium) and Career Development Lunch.

Finally, we would like to thank the Local Organizing Committee, led by Dr. Stephan Zuchner for their help making the meeting and the evening receptions in Miami unforgettable.

During the Annual Meeting, we had the opportunity to present several awards.  The prestigious Alan J Gebhart Prize for Excellence in Peripheral Nerve Research was awarded to Dr. Ahmet Hoke from Johns Hopkins University.  The award recognizes his ongoing contributions to our mission of “improving the lives of people with peripheral neuropathies.” Eight named prizes were also awarded to Junior Members presenting abstracts at the meeting. See page 4 for details on all of this year’s award recipients.

As many of you know, organizing a meeting of this caliber would not be possible without the support of our industry partners.  A special thank you to our Annual Partners, Alnylam, CSL Behring, Grifols, IONIS, Pfizer, and Takeda for their ongoing support.

For our Society, this year continues to be a year of growth and the start of new activities.  In line with our Strategic Plan, new PNS activities over the past year have included:

  • An enhanced hybrid Annual Meeting format with on-demand content to reach a global audience, including those in under-resourced countries.
  • Unveiling of a new PNS website, Career Center, and member resources
  • Expansion of year-round Special Interest Group webinars
  • Support for Ukraine
  • Publication of CIDP Guideline
  • TTR-related Amyloid Neuropathy Guideline development
  • Expansion of educational outreach to low-income countries

This Fall, we look forward to bringing the following Society initiatives and projects to completion.

  •  Revamped Annual Meeting format for coming years
    •    Launch of new Training Grant opportunities
    •    Publication of GBS Guideline
    •    Expansion of PNS Annual Meeting rotation to Asia

Lastly, we want to thank the PNS Board for their outstanding contributions, dedication to expanding society initiatives, their strategic insight, and time. We look forward to exciting endeavors in the year to come. Running the PNS and organizing our meetings is a lot of work, and we especially would like to thank our PNS Executive Office Staff for their help in keeping new and existing projects running on our behalf.

We look forward to seeing you all again in person at the 2023 PNS Annual Meeting at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark from 17-20 June.


Richard Lewis, MD
PNS President