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PNS Annual Meeting Instagram Photo Contest

Jun 8, 2023 | Archive

Help the PNS capture the excitement of the 2023 Annual Meeting in Copenhagen on Instagram. Submit photos of the meeting – educational programming, poster hall, coffee breaks, receptions, and fun. Include a brief description, tag your photo with #PNSMeetingPhoto23 and mention @PNSociety1 in the caption and you will be entered to win 1 year of free PNS membership. The best photo will be selected, and a winner announced post-meeting. Multiple photo submissions are encouraged.

Photo suggestions:

  • Saturday Education Course programming
  • Plenary Lectures
  • SIG programming
  • PNS Mini Symposia
  • Awards ceremony
  • Lunches with the Experts
  • Poster hall, tours, and reception
  • Expo hall
  • Welcome & Closing off-site receptions
  • You and your colleagues having fun!

Contest Rules:

  1. Upload a photo of the 2023 PNS Annual Meeting to your public Instagram profile.
  2. In the caption, provide a brief description (i.e. Anita Harding Lecture, or ABC Lab at Tivoli Gardens).
  3. Tag #PNSMeetingPhoto23 and mention @PNSociety1.
  4. Upload photos by Friday 23 June

Please Note: The PNS adheres to a Scientific Content Policy. Often, presenters are sharing very preliminary research they don’t want publicly shared, outside of the meeting. Please refrain from photographing the scientific content in posters or slides being presented during sessions, or ensure that the content is obscured or illegible. The policy is listed below in italics for reference.

Information presented during the PNS Annual Meeting is the property of the PNS and the presenter. Information may not be recorded, photographed, copied, photocopied, transferred to electronic format, reproduced, or distributed without the written permission of the PNS and the presenter.  Any use of the program content, which includes, but is not limited to, oral presentations, audiovisual materials used by speakers, and program handouts without the written consent of the PNS, is prohibited.

Terms & Conditions apply. Read them here.