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Welcome current and prospective Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Related Neuropathies Consortium (CMTR) members! CMTR is a special interest group of the Peripheral Nerve Society and it is an international group of scientists and clinicians studying and treating inherited peripheral nerve disorders. All PNS members are eligible to join the CMTR and we hope will. By electing to join the CMTR in your PNS membership profile, you will gain access to a global network of leading clinicians and scientists working on hereditary neuropathies. Additionally, you will receive emails sent only to CMTR members with relevant news and upcoming educational opportunities. We look forward to connecting with you as we work towards improving the lives of patients with hereditary neuropathies!

CMTR Mission

Our mission is to improve the lives of patients with hereditary neuropathies by advancing patient care, promoting research and training clinicians, basic scientists and other health professionals interested in inherited neuropathies. This will be achieved by focusing on three areas: patient care, research and education.

Patient Care:

  • To promote standards and quality of care internationally.
  • To develop guidelines and outcome measures for clinical trials.
  • To work with patient organizations to improve care and accelerate therapy development.


  • To promote basic science and clinical research to understand healthy peripheral nerve function and mechanisms of CMT and related neuropathies, with an end goal of developing novel therapeutics for patients.


  • To train basic scientists, clinician scientists, clinicians and other health professionals in hereditary neuropathies.
  • To provide continuing education for practicing clinicians.
  • To encourage the interaction between basic scientists and clinicians for the benefit of patients.

CMTR Events

Quarterly Webinars:

    • The CMTR organizes quarterly educational webinars. Please elect to join the CMTR in in your PNS membership profile and look for emails to register for these events.

Annual Meeting:

    • The CMTR organizes sessions at the annual meeting. Please see the meetings page to learn more about the upcoming meetings of the PNS.

Board Meetings:

    • The CMTR Board of Directors meets quarterly. Although these meetings are for board members only, CMTR members elect officers every two years and board members every four years in the spring. Additionaly, the board is always open to receiving comments and suggestions from CMTR members. Visit the CMTR Board of Directors page for current board members and contact information.

Clinical, Genetic and Molecular CMTR Working Groups:

    • The CMTR Board of Directors organizes three working groups that are open to all CMTR members. These groups develop resources and set priorities for CMTR research. Visit the CMTR Past, Present & Future page to learn more about joining working groups.

CMTR Research Resources

Find clinical, research and career development resources here.

CMTR Patient Resources

Find information about medical care, clinical trials and advocacy groups here.

CMTR Past, Present & Future

Find out about CMTR priorities and past accomplishments.

CMTR Board of Directors

Meet the current CMTR Board of Directors.

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