CMTR Past, Present & Future

Charcot-Marie-Tooth and Related Neuropathies Consortium

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The CMTR Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss progress on current initiatives, organize webinars and the program for the annual meeting and set priorities for the future of the organization. The board is elected biannually in the spring. Please reach out with any feedback.

Question, Comments or Suggestions? Please contact: info@PNSociety.com

CMTR Working Groups

Genetics Group led by Marina Kennerson and Vincent Timmerman
Clinical Group led by Alexander Rossor and Davide Pareyson
Molecular Group led by Alessandra Bolino and Steven Scherer

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Previous CMTR Board Members

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Established 2017

Past CMTR Board Chairs
Stephan Zuchner (2021 – 2023)
Michael Shy (2019-2021)
Davide Pareyson (2017-2019)

Past CMTR Board Members
Ale Bolino (2019 – 2023)
Matilde Laura (2019 – 2023)
Hiroshi Takashima (2019-2021)
Joshua Burns (2017-2021)
Vincent Timmerman, Secretary (2017-2021)

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