About the INC

Inflammatory Neuropathy Consortium


To improve the care and treatment of patients with inflammatory and immune-mediated neuropathies. This includes Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculoneuropathy (CIDP), multifocal motor neuropathy (MMN), paraproteinemic demyelinating neuropathies (PDN), vasculitic neuropathies, and many other conditions.

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The INC recognizes the need for:

  • Better education of health care professionals to enable earlier diagnosis and treatment,
  • More research into the pathogenesis of the inflammatory neuropathies,
  • More trials of treatment for all forms of inflammatory neuropathy,
  • More trials in children with inflammatory neuropathies,
  • Improved outcome measures,
  • Treatments for symptoms of particular concern to patients, such as fatigue and pain,
  • A strategy for prioritizing and undertaking trials of candidate treatments efficiently, and
  • Development and revision of inflammatory neuropathy guidelines.

Membership of INC

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  • To join the INC, you must first join the PNS. There is no additional charge to join the INC. On the PNS online application form select INC from the list of special interest group(s) you wish to join. If you are already a PNS member, log in to your membership profile and update your SIGs to include INC.
  • By joining the INC, you will gain access to the leading international network of clinicians and scientists working in inflammatory neuropathy. You will receive emails sent only to INC members about relevant news and updates. You will be eligible to present your work at INC meetings and to stand for INC Board membership. We are planning developments to the INC website accessible only to members.

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