A Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Peripheral Nerve Society

The mission of the Neuropathic Pain Consortium (NPC) is to improve the life of patients suffering from painful neuropathies and related disorders through basic and clinical research, education and standards of care.

Goals of the NPC

  • To foster interactions among basic scientists, physician-scientists, translational-researchers, and clinicians to help identify novel pain therapies and translate basic science findings to clinics to help patients suffering from painful neuropathies and related disorders.
  • To promote clinical and basic science research to elucidate the pathophysiology of pain and  to facilitate and support high- quality clinical trials to develop effective preventative and therapeutic approaches.
  • To promote collaborative interactions between basic, translational and clinical scientists and clinicians to develop guidelines, outcome measures and collaboration with stakeholder organizations.
  • To promote standards of care and quality of care internationally.
  • To develop guidelines, outcome measures, and clinical trials both independently and in collaboration with other stakeholder organizations.
  • To work with patient advocacy and support/stakeholder organizations in the  pursuit of  the NPC’s mission and goals
  • To support basic and clinical research, education, and standards of care in cooperation with patients and those developing treatments. 
  • To promote scientific and clinical education for basic translational and clinical scientists, clinicians, and other health professionals in neuropathic pain.
  • To train basic scientists, clinician scientists and clinicians, and other health professionals in painful peripheral neuropathy and related disorders.
  • To foster education and career development of trainees interested in pain basic and clinical research. 
  • To create opportunities for the dissemination of high-quality pain science in special events, such as annual meetings, and activities, in-person and using virtual formats, throughout the year in a format that facilitates networking between members and involves greater trainee participation
  • To provide continuing education for those practicing and to encourage the interaction between basic scientists and clinicians for the benefit of patients.

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