A Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Peripheral Nerve Society

Neuropathies are common diseases of the peripheral nervous system affecting and limiting the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. Despite their frequency, the prevalence of peripheral neuropathies is frequently underestimated and, in most cases, they are untreatable. Exposure to toxic agents (including anticancer and other drugs, alcohol, environmental and industrial pollutants) is among the most frequent causes of peripheral nerve damage, requiring a multi-disciplinary collaboration for proper investigation and assessment.


Who are the TNC Members?

We are preclinical and clinical experts in toxic peripheral neuropathies from all continents belonging to the Peripheral Nerve Society (PNS) who created the TNC as a Special Interest Group at the 2018 PNS meeting in Baltimore. The PNS is an international organization of physicians and scientists working together to develop and provide the best treatments for people who have peripheral nerve diseases. This goal is realized by cooperation, supporting preclinical and clinical research, training scientists and healthcare professionals, revising and setting standards of care, investigating new treatments, and facilitating clinical trials.

What is the TNC Mission?

We aim to increase the engagement of all the relevant stakeholders (i.e., basic researchers, physicians, nurses, patients, health organizations and agencies, and pharmaceutical companies), in order to improve knowledge and find solutions for the scientific, medical, and social problems related to toxic neuropathies and to develop a combined database incorporating the participating centers of the TNC using a standardized protocol for clinical practice and research.

TNC Board of Directors

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