Toxic Neuropathy Consortium

Workgroups of the TNC

Three main Working Groups (WGs) are currently at work in the TNC. TNC members can suggest the creation of other WGs after obtaining approval from the TNC board.


Preclinical Workgroup

Led by Prof. Helmar C. Lehmann

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The preclinical CIPN working group is dedicated to improve and accelerate CIPN pre-clinical research by providing support and scientific exchange for interested research groups. Aims include exchanging intellectual content and scientific knowledge, providing help and guidelines on how to do pre-clinical research in CIPN and to consent unmet needs for further research. The ultimate goal is to foster translation of preclinical research findings into early clinical research.

Clinical Workgroup

Led by Dr. Andreas A. Argyriou, MD, DSc

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The clinical CIPN multicenter collaborative working group launched its activities to promote accurate clinical and instrumental CIPN assessment in adults. Important goals also are a) the identification of objective biomarkers, either instrumental or genetic, to be used in the context of neuroprotection clinical trials as a surrogate
endpoint to strengthen the validity of the results based on patient reported outcomes and b) the in depth exploration of the potential of modern chemotherapy (immunotherapy) to induce CIPN.

Pediatric Workgroup

Led by Susanna Park, PhD, and Ellen Smith, PhD

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The pediatric CIPN working group’s objective is to promote accurate assessment and ultimately identify successful management and treatment strategies for CIPN in children, adolescents and young adults. Aims include identification of key data gaps and areas for future study, the development of a standardised clinical protocol to investigate pediatric CIPN, achieving consensus on age-appropriate assessment tools and initiation of collaborative multi-center studies. TNC-affiliated manuscripts past and current.

TNC Webinars

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