International Outreach Programs

of the Peripheral Nerve Society

Ukraine Travel Scholarship

Dr. Orest Semeryak from Lviv, Ukraine successfully completed a 2-week observatory visit at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, under the guidance and mentorship of. Drs. Eric Sorenson and Jim Dyck. The PNS funded his travel scholarship and assisted in pairing him with his hosts at the Mayo Clinic.

In Dr. Semeryak’s words:

I spent 2 unforgettable weeks of internship at one of the most famous clinics of the US and the world: The Mayo Clinic, Department of Diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System and NMD. When you feel like you are at home, when you take part in patient’s consultations and have the opportunity to communicate with some of the best doctors from the PNS and NMD, when you attend the ENMG and histological laboratories, when you have the opportunity to have your opinion count and much more…

Thanks to PNS for cooperation and support, Prof. E. Sorensen for “parental care”, and Lviv clinical regional hospital which always supports educational programs!

In continuation of our cooperation, we have planned a conference “Neuromuscular diseases – on the verge of specialties with a teaching course from PNS” scheduled for 26 – 27 January 2024.